Upcoming Events

Bianca looks forward to celebrating or joining you for the following events ...

Bookstore Storytimes and Book Signings

Bianca Schulze and Lauren Kerstein

Pull on your favorite pajamas and join local authors, Bianca Schulze and Lauren Kerstein, for an interactive DRAGON-filled storytime, including songs, and crafts. You'll get to make your own superhero capes, pop your worry bubbles, decorate picture frames for your favorite dragon photo. Tickets also provide you access to everything AllThrills Fun Park has to offer including Laser Tag, Ninja Course, Trampolines, KAPOW!, Nerf Cage, 5D Rider and more!

Participants must purchase a ticket. Tickets available now on the ALLTHRILLZ website - get them before they're gone!

Professional Speaking Engagements

SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter
Bianca Schulze
Hosted by SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter

The 2024 Letters & Lines Conference features a new schedule. Start planning now – this year there will be even more amazing options! Among other literary leaders, Bianca will be sharing the following two presentations: Make a Splash with Memorable Read-Aloud Events and The Power of Virtual Book Tours for Children’s Book Creators.