Who Loves the Dragon?

In this interactive follow-up to Don’t Wake the Dragon, our beloved Dragon is wide-awake and preparing to celebrate one of the kingdom’s most important events of the year: the annual Friendship Festival! It’s a time for everyone to gather and have fun, all honoring their meaningful friendships. But on the day of the feast, the cooks are called away to cater to the Queen and the knights must report for special duty in the Enchanted Forest. With everyone gone, Dragon is upset and worried that this year’s Friendship Festival is doomed. Could they be planning something special for her? And in the meantime, can you help cheer her up?With colorful and humorous illustrations throughout, this read-aloud picture book encourages kids to interact with the text on every page. Young readers will love waving to characters, blowing kisses, dancing, and more on this fun ride alongside Dragon and her adorable friends in this delightful story that will beg to be read again and again.

Who Loves the Dragon?
Written by: Bianca Schulze
Illustrated by: Samara Hardy
Publisher: Clever Publishing (February 2, 2021)
ISBN-13: 9781951100438

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Praise for Who Loves the Dragon?

“With enchanting pictures and a captivating storyline, WHO LOVES THE DRAGON is sure to be your child’s new favorite book! Highly recommended.” —The Children’s Book Review

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